To support the aftermarket, we develop and manufacture special tools for repair and overhaul of CVT and DSG transmissions. These tools are based on years of practical experience and developed from the perspective of the user/mechanic, which guarantees quality and efficiency. During the tool development process, we also pay special attention to the time savings that good tools achieve.

Toolkit 0CK for DSG 7 Speed Audi

Toolkit 0GC for Volkswagen Seat Skoda

Toolkit 724.2 for Mercedes Hybrid 7 Speed

Toolkit TOKIBM00

Toolkit 01J

Toolkit RE0F09A

Toolkit RE0F10A

Combi Toolkit RE0F09A/10A

Toolkit Mercedes 722.8

Toolkit JF015E

Toolkit JF016E

Toolkit JF017E

Toolkit DSG07

Suplement DSG07

Toolkit Ford/Renault

Toolkit 0B5

Toolkit 0B5 Clutch

0B5 Clutch piston K1 – K2

Toolkit Bearing repair for Audi 0B1—0B5 – 0AW – 0DJ – 01J & 0CS


Reman Toolkits
are professionally maintained
by our own professionals!

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